Glen Barnhardt


It is my ultimate goal to help you earn some extra money and find freedom in your life. Why would I do that?

Why am I doing this?

You see I’m no spring chicken anymore and as you grow older things in your life change. You start to think more about what is the reason for your existence. Now, I’m a christian and while I really hope you believe in God too, that’s not my reason for telling you. But, that is the reason I think about why he put me on this planet.

It is my belief that God has put me on this planet for several reasons. One is to ultimately share him with others but I don’t believe it’s about forcing that on anyone. But it is important that I try to help others and I would hope that you will see in reflection of him in me and in turn seek to know more about him.

With that said, this is my ultimate goal for helping you!

It’s not about the money!

I want to be up front with you. First I’m not a guru and it’s not my ultimate goal to make money from you doing this. But many of the things I’m going to teach you and suggest you buy will pay me a small commission.

I suggest you do the same thing if you decide to share what I teach you with others. I mean, if they are going to offer to pay you a commission for showing others something that could change their life.

Why would you not do that?

Additionally all the things I teach or suggest I do myself. I don’t just go out and blatantly find things to share to make money. This is where helping others get a bad rap. It puts us all on guard and makes us think that everybody is out to make a buck off of us. That’s not my goal!

About Me.

So here a bit about me. I’m an older fellow in my sixties. I’ve been a software engineer for almost my whole life. I live in Florida with my beautiful wife Sue in a nice home on the water. I have kids and grandkids which I love dearly. I currently have a dog named Maggie who has quite the personality. I have in the past raised several dogs, cats, and horses from puppies, kittens, and foals to the heartbreak of when they pass. I’m a musician who has played in several gigging bands and also play in my local church.


I’m not claiming to know everything about making money or having the ultimate freedom. I’m simply going to share what works for me and many others that I have learned from.

Honestly, I’ve failed at many things. But what I teach is what has worked for me.

If you have watched some of my videos on TikTok or YouTube I’m sure you have seen some of the things I use to make extra income. My personal goal is to use the same things I’m going to show you to build my retirement income for when I retire. Currently, I have no plans to retire anytime soon. I simply love what I do.

So, If I haven’t lost you yet then you are interested in what I have to share. So to always know when I post a new video on TikTok, YouTube, or an article sharing one of the programs I’m using I suggest you sign up for my newsletter. I won’t spam you and I never share your information. If you don’t like what I have to say there is always a link at the bottom where you can unsubscribe.

So Sign Up!

I plan on sharing many new articles so please feel free to look through my articles on this site and see what I have.

Again thanks for stoping in and I hope I can help you to earn extra or full time income and most importantly more freedom in your live.


Glen Barnhardt